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Dined 06/18/14 | Lunch | $$$
As usual my wife and I had our pizza delivered. The pie was delicious as always with the usual fast delivery. We also had a salad which was also very good,

Dined 06/10/14 | Dinner | $$$
Always great pizza!

Dined 05/19/14 | Lunch | $
Sandwich was fine. Good prices.

Dined 05/09/14 | Lunch | $$
Great pizza at a reasonable price and super fast delivery to boot.

Dined 04/18/14 | Lunch | $$
a nice place for a quick lunch in Manhattan---

Dined 04/17/14 | Lunch | $
Try the pesto slice. It's full of big flavor.

Dined 04/14/14 | Lunch | $
Great local place to grab a good slice of pizza. The pesto pizza is very flavorful as well as the grandma.

Dined 04/13/14 | Lunch | $$
By far the best pizza in the neighborhood with very fast delivery.

Dined 04/11/14 | Lunch | $$
Good pizza.

Dined 03/28/14 | Lunch | $$$
delicious pizza!

Dined 03/27/14 | Dinner | $$
EXCELLENT and very reasonable. We used takeout / delivery.

Dined 02/26/14 | Lunch | $$$
I live in the neighborhood and when my wife and I want a pie this is the restaurant we always call. Great Pizza, reasonable price and fast delivery what more could one ask for.

Dined 02/08/14 | Lunch | $
Cool slices, nice service, good pizza place ...

Dined 01/23/14 | Dinner | $
While visiting from out of state I happened to walk by and decided to try some genuine NYC pizza. Portions were large, cheese was excellent and I enjoyed the experience.

Dined 01/20/14 | Dinner | $$
Great pizza, appreciative service.

Dined 12/29/13 | Dinner | $$$
Truly an awesome experience. Authentic New York pizza at it's best!

Dined 10/30/13 | Lunch | $$$
I used Giuseppe's to cater a work luncheon and the food was incredible, warm and right on time! Always an incredible experience working with the Giuseppe's staff.

Dined 10/25/13 | Dinner | $$$
Great pizza ... very quick service

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Posted by Vanessa on 06/26/2008
Best Rice Balls in New York! The rice balls are so tender and fresh, it is amazing! I've been trying them all over New York City and here they've simply exceeded all expectations!

Posted by Midtownman on 06/13/2008
Excellent Food Great pizza, service, and value. Probably one of the best pizza shops around NYC. Other food (pasta, chicken, etc) is excellent as well. All around an excellent place for excellent pizza and food!

Posted by Michelle on 04/26/2007
Great Pizza! The pizza here is fantastic! There are other pizzerias closer to my office but it's so worth it to travel the extra distance.

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